First and foremost, I have done multiple productive things today that required me to get out of bed and off the couch. It was very exciting. Yay for my first non-sick day in a long time! Now, for more important things…

I am so into tattoos. I only have one, (and it’s very small, remember the needles) but I love to look them up online and pick out the one’s that I’ll get when I am actually not broke for more than a week at a time, so, after college. Basically I have way more picked out then I’ll ever actually get, but it’s fun to look anyway.

My big thing that I’m into right now are literary tattoos. I love books. I love reading. I can’t remember the last time ever that I haven’t been in the middle of a book. I have a go-to book for everything. Anyway, in my epic everlasting search for tattoos that I never get, I came across this website. Contrariwise. It’s great. I’ve found so many tattoo’s that I’ve fallen in love with. Of course, some of the appeal is gone because someone else has it, but it has given me a lot of ideas. And now when I read and find quotes I like, I automatically assess their tattoo-worthiness. It is suprising how many quotes are tattoo worthy when you’re looking.

So, if you’re any kind of into tattoos, or books, or quotes, check it out.


Hello world!

So listen. As I am lying in bed for the 5th day (count ’em. 5. FML.) in a row sick and dying, I decided to do something productive with my life. And since I can’t talk, I guess I’ll write. Blah.

A very long time ago (like, a month) my gorgeous and talented sister was like, “Chelsey, you should write a blog.” That isn’t a direct quote, btw. I don’t know why I put it in quotations. Anyway. So, after reading her blog religiously for a very long time (about a month and some change) and being stuck in this extra-long, very uncomfortable twin bed for five days, I finally got around to it. And since the number one thing on my mind right now is this ridiculous illness, thats what you get to hear about. Aren’t you excited?!

Ugh, so basically I am allergic to everything. Okay, maybe not everything, but definitely salt (Iodine), and various other things that I won’t know for sure about till next week, when I go to the allergist and get injected with lots and lots of horrible things…Now lets stop for a second here, and talk about how much I HATE needles.

You will probably never understand how much I hate them, unless you suffer the same affliction.

Example; before I left for school this semester, I went to the doc. for a routine physical, and they decide they’re going to do blood work, FML. I go sit in the nice chair with a bar across the front and padding all the way around (very comforting)  and the nurse is like, “just let me type this info in first!” which of course gives me time to get myself worked into a full blown frenzy. By the time she gets around to actually getting gloves on, I’m hyperventalating. So she’s being super nice, and gives me a baby needle instead of a real people needle, and I still pass out cold. To be fair to myself though, I did warn her first, I said, “When I pass out, keep going.” and she goes, “oh, you’re not going to pass out,” which was the last thing I heard. However, when I woke up, she was done. Yay for wonderful nurses! blah.

So, back to the original story, Sunday I had an allergy attack while outside doing a ropes course. Literally sneezed close to 200 times in four hours. it was horrible. By Monday morning, every time I sneezed my nose bled. Now, even though I only sneezed seven times today, my throat is a mess b/c of icky drainage. I am SO sick of being sick!!! My roommate probably hates me right now, because I am being a miserable bitch. Chels, I apologize. I’m trying super hard to get over it, I promise.

So, to try and figure all this madness out, I have to go next week and have lots of needles poked into me, apparently not bad or anything, but still. That’s a lot of needles. Let’s be honest right now. I could die.

Maybe not exactly, but still.

So, with that joyful experience to look forward to, I’m chillin in bed, where as of today, I can’t eat anything that doesn’t come through a straw because my mouth is so broken out in sores from eating too much salt. I love my life. No really, this isn’t too terribly out of the norm for me, although it has been a long time (really this time) since it’s been this bad. And I would like to inform the world that even with all this going on, I have still managed to make it to almost all my classes this week, and 2 pt sessions? modest mouse- missed the boat